Richest Gamblers in the World

Gambling is one thing that many people love to do. And while many have been unsuccessful, we do have some names that have gambling history, play and win meilleur casino en ligne. That being we shall take look at the most successful gamblers of all time. And maybe, just maybe one day we will be able to reach their ranks as well just like casino en ligne.

William Benter

Born in 1957, Benter was what one may like to call an academic genius. He managed to get his degree in physics and used that very same degree to explore the gambling world. And like Thorp, he chose the art of card counting. He managed to bring the house down so many times; he was banned from almost all Las Vegas casinos. he managed to accumulate over $100 million annually. He also managed to develop the first software for horse racing.

Edward E Thorp

Edward Thorp is the Father of Card Counting. He literally invented it in order to improve the players’ odds when playing blackjack. With his PhD in Mathematics, it is no wonder that managed to crack blackjack code. He even wrote books about it. Worth over $800 million, Thorp is still the inspiration for many who wish to make it the gambling world at

Zeljko Ronogajec

Australian Zeljko decided that the whole university setting was not his cup of tea. And that he rather fancied the world of gambling. That is why he then turned his back on varsity and set out to study the traits of advantage gambling. He managed to turn a hundred dollar bills into 7 figure wins. However this got his banned from many Australian casinos. it is rumoured that makes $1 billion annually and he holds the world record for the biggest win in Keno that is $7.5 million. And we all thought that Keno had the worst house edge.