Celebrities Who’ve Won Big Through Gambling

It is not surprising why we hold most of the well-known celebrities in high honour due to their fame, power and fortune. But what might surprise you is that most celebrities find pleasure in most of the same thing as average people and this include gambling on meilleur casino en ligne.

However, the only difference that might separate the goats from the sheep is the fact that celebrities occupy huge bankroll compared to an ordinary person. On that note, it doesn’t have to surprise you that a lot of celebrities have won fortunes through gambling. Keep reading this article as we are going to mention some top celebrities that secured the biggest win in the gambling industry.

Sean Connery- Pulls off Incredible Roulette Accomplishment


We all know that the iconic movie character James Bond was popular for his casino acumen. And Sean Connery who is believed to be the real James Bond managed to pull off the near-impossible roulette accomplishment.


The game of roulette is not necessarily about chance but you also need to apply your own lingo and craft and by so doing you are bound to walk with real money.

Danna White Secure $5 Million in Blackjack

Dana White is involved in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). But what’s fascinating is that, when he is not on duty at UFC, he likes to spend time playing high stakes blackjack for real money. And you no wonder why he secured a huge chunk of money playing the game of blackjack http://www.isaacrecord.com.

He is well known for betting real money. Some other time he left the whole house spellbound after placing a bet with an amount close to $25,000 per hand. White has won so much in the game of blackjack that the Palms Casino decide to place a ban on him.

This debacle starts when he won $2 million and the casino responded by cutting his credit limit in half and they even went on to cut his credit limit in half.